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Marisol Soengas

Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas, Madrid

Research Interests: identification of new melanoma oncogenes and tumor suppressors; molecular basis of melanoma progression and chemoresistance;  Design and validation of new anticancer agents, with the ultimate objective of a more rational approach to treatment.

Description of the group: M. Soengas is an expert in basic and translational research in melanoma. She first started her independent career as an Assistant Professor in Dermatology at the University of Michigan Medical School (2002). In 2008 she moved her group to the Molecular Pathology Program at the CNIO. Soengas is one of the founding members of the Melanoma Research Foundation, and has been actively involved in the Melanoma Roadmap at the National Institutes of Health (US). Soengas has served in various scientific and grant review panels in the US and Europe. Her current group consists of 4 postdocs, 2 students and 2 technicians.

Main accomplishments: Identified new oncogenes and tumor suppressors in melanoma; characterized senescence, apoptosis and autophagy programs in melanoma to identify novel drug targets; developed experimental systems (artificial skin and mouse models) for mechanistic analyses of candidate proteins and regulatory elements in melanoma initiation, progression and chemoresistance.

10 selected publications (out of 46) :

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Tormo et al. (2009). Cancer Cell (In Press).

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